• Maternity Massage

Germaine de Capuccini – Precious Bumps

This mums-to-be treatment has been created to pamper you during this special time.  By soothing away aches and pains and targeting some of the discomforts, you’ll feel as beautiful and relaxed as ever.

Your preferences for comfort are paramount in this combined mini-facial and full body massage, which is tailored entirely for you with v-pillow support and positioning to ensure complete relaxation. Warm Pinda pressure massage to the shoulders and scalp are followed by a relaxing back massage with collagen firming cream. A warm steamed towel Kobido facial cleanse and exfoliation prepare for a vitamin C rich mask, which is allowed to rest while your hands, feet, arms and abdomen are gently massaged. Cooling leg massage relieves swelling and eases away the feeling of tired legs to leave you entirely revitalised.

£95.00 – 1 hr 20 mins