Etiquette, mindfulness and relaxation

Nirvana Spa is a place where the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission. We continuously strive to provide the finest personal service and facilities for our guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed ambience; a space to effortlessly relax, with friends.

I often reflect on what guests are looking for in a spa experience. It’s not just the venue offering beautiful treatment rooms, multiple swimming pools and delicious dining, it’s about the dedicated and friendly team who provide exceptional service, and the mindful etiquette of guests.

I know that spa days are an emotional environment for guests, the ambience has the ability to positively lift your spirits.  I receive lots of feedback from you regarding our approach to etiquette.  I personally believe we all have a role to play in promoting and supporting an ethos of being-

  • Mindful to keep voices to a low level so we don’t disturb others around us.
  • Sensitive to the dress code, ensuring every guest feels comfortable.
  • Appreciative of guests privacy.
  • Respectful of the no-smoking policy in all areas of the spa, including all outside areas.

For a truly wonderful Spa Experience, we encourage guests to be considerate to others.  It’s about having empathy for another person, and the key to consideration is thoughtful behaviour.

My wife loves to use the Spa as a peaceful escape from everyday life, a chance to take a break from checking her phone. However, as this isn’t always possible, phones should be kept on silent in order to maintain a peaceful and relaxing environment. If you would like to make a phone call, please use one of our telephone boxes. In the quiet zones of the Spa, it’s important to refrain from talking.

We provide free Wi-Fi throughout the Spa and we love seeing your Nirvana memories on social media. However, please consider other guests privacy and how you might feel if your picture was taken without your permission.

As you know, the Spa offers a vast range of facilities and part of the fun is exploring and losing yourself. With loungers and heated beds available throughout the Spa, there’s no need to leave a towel to reserve a space. During peak periods we reserve the right to remove items from loungers after 45 minutes.

The Spa Restaurant, Nirvana Café and Spa Garden Café all provide a relaxed environment in which to enjoy a delicious meal. Please be respectful of our dress code and cover up with a robe or t-shirt before dining.

Swimming in the great outdoors is a thrill and feels like being on holiday. The beautiful Spa Garden pool is heated so you can swim outside even on cooler days. The Spa Garden is an extension of our indoor facilities so please be mindful of our no smoking policy.

We recommend that you bring appropriate clothing for your Spa visit. For example, 2 items of swimwear so you can change into something dry later in the day, a summer shirt or sarong to throw on over your swimsuit, poolside footwear and a robe and towel.  Robes and towels are available (for £2 per item) from Reception if you forget to bring your own.

I believe that by everyone being respectful and mindful of their surroundings, we can continue to provide an exceptional Spa Experience. It is my highest priority to ensure that our valued customers leave us feeling relaxed and revitalised.

My team really appreciate your views, please take a moment to share your experience with us so we can ensure our facilities and services are flexible to meet your needs.

Best wishes,
Operations Director