Accessibility Statement

We are committed to provide a relaxing experience to all customers visiting the Spa and we aim to provide access for all our visitors.  Members’ Reception has level ground approach directly from car park and automatic door entry system.

We currently offer:


  • Phone, Fax and Email available (please see contact section below)
  • Website text can be increased dependent on your web browser.  Our web site also includes a full map and images of most areas
  • The nearest train station (Winnersh) is 1 mile from the Spa
  • Local Taxis are available with wheelchair access. Please see contact information below

0118 9321 321 – Loddon Cars (pre booking required)

0118 9799 247  –  24/7 (pre booking required)

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • The car park has 8 widened spaces (3.2metres wide with access to rear) designated for disabled parking located immediately by Members’ Reception
  • The car park and outside access surfaces are all tarmac
  • Assistance can be offered on request

Service Dogs are Welcome

  • Water bowls can be provided for service dogs on request

East Entrance & Reception Opening Hours

6.45am – 10.30pm Monday – Thursday

6.45am – 11.00pm Fridays

8.00am – 11.00pm Saturday and Sundays

Please note all indoor facilities close 15 minutes prior to the closing times above and outdoor facilities close 30 minutes prior to the closing times above.

Reception desk – The Members’ Reception desk has a lower level counter at the far end set at 90cm.

There is seating available for visitors in the Members’ Reception lounge area. The seating is 45cm high and the coffee tables are 56cm high and soft seating at 42cm high.


Lighting throughout the spa is a combination of natural light, compact fluorescent, L.E.D., low voltage spot lights and discharge lighting.

Pool Access

Please note that the swimming and spa pools are level deck pools at either 1.2 or 1.3 metres in depth, excluding the Nirvana Pool which has a 2.0 metre deep section in the lower one third of the pool.

Fitness Swimming – Swim Jets operate between 27 – 29.5 degrees Celsius; access is by 5 steps (ladder design) with a hand rail on either side.

Roman Pool – The Roman Pool operates between 28 – 30 degrees Celsius; access is by 6 steps with a hand rail on either side.

Nirvana Pool – The Nirvana Pool operates between 28 – 30 degrees Celsius; access is by 5 steps with a central hand rail.

Garden Pool (outdoor) – The Garden Pool operates between 28 – 33 degrees Celsius; access is by 4 steps with a central hand rail.

Outdoor mini-spas operate between 34 to 39 degrees Celsius; access is by 2 steps with a hand rail either side.

Hydrotherapy Spa (Surf Pool) & Jacuzzi

The temperature of these pools is between 34 – 39 degrees Celsius and is therefore not suitable for certain medical conditions. If you have any concerns please check with your medical advisor or contact the Spa prior to your visit.

  • Surf Pool – Access is by 6 steps with a central handrail. This pool has powerful hydrotherapy jets situated throughout the pool which can create relatively powerful currents so caution may be required when approaching the jets. The Surf Pool is 1.3 metres deep. At either side of the entrance steps and surrounding the central island there are seating ledges for those using the back massage jets. Please see the Spa therapy team in the adjoining office if you require any assistance or advice prior to using this facility.
  • Plunge Pools – Within the Surf Pool area there is one cold water plunge pool at 12-17 degrees Celsius and another plunge pool at 20-25 degrees Celsius.  Access is by 3 steps (ladder design)
  • Jacuzzi – Access to the Jacuzzi is by 3 steps, 1 up and then two down, with a hand rail at either side

Celestial Floatation Pool

Access to the Floatation Pool is by 6 steps with a central handrail. The pool is 1.3meters in depth. Please note use of this pool is by booking only and all first time users will require an induction.

Steam Room & Sauna Facilities

Certain medical contra indications apply due to the heat in both the sauna and steam facilities. If you have any concerns please check with your medical advisor or contact the Spa prior to your visit.

  • Sauna – There are both single sex sauna facilities (located in both the male and female changing rooms closest to the Members’ Reception) and mixed sex sauna facilities located in the Thermal Suite. The access doors are 93cm wide. The fixed seating is set on two levels 50cm and 95cm from floor level
  • Steam Facilities – There are two mixed sex steam rooms.  One is located off the wet link corridor between the Spa Restaurant and Nirvana Pool and the other in the Thermal Suite.  Single sex steam rooms are situated next to the saunas in the male and female changing rooms closest to the Members’ Entrance. All the rooms are entered through doors which are 80cm wide. The seating platform is 50cm high.

Relaxation Areas

  • Roman Room – There are over 100 reclining loungers and steamer chairs, both provide support for the whole body when reclined. The steamers chairs are 39cm high and the loungers 35cm high. Access is one level throughout, with the entrance doors a minimum of 80cm wide
  • Nirvana Pool Room – Access to this area is by 2 steps with a central handrail or ramp. There is a double access door of 2.55 metres wide. Within this room there are over 50 reclining loungers 39cm high and steamer chairs 35cm high both providing support for the whole body when reclined
  • The Nirvana Room Tepidarium – Access door of 80cm wide, there are 33 non-adjustable ceramic loungers heated to 35 degrees Celsius, each lounger is 46cm high at the lowest point

Wellness Suite

  • The Wellness Suite has level access and is accessed by double doors (each door is 80cm wide)
  • The Wellness Suite has a variety of equipment from running machines to resistance machines and free weights and a studio area for holistic classes. Please ask one of our qualified Wellness Team for assistance

Outdoor Facilities

  • During the summer months (weather permitting) we have sun loungers situated on our patio, accessible from the Roman Room (access door 76cm wide) and there are two steps onto the patio.  There is also ramp access from the wet corridor opposite the ladies changing rooms just off the Members’ Lounge

Treatment Rooms

  • The Crystal Treatment Suite has level ground floor access
  • All treatment rooms can accommodate wheelchairs
  • Treatments are tailored to individual needs – for advice about our treatments and products please speak to the Treatment Team

Changing Facilities / W.C.

  • The changing rooms are on the ground floor and are on one level throughout
  • There are a few individual changing cubicles, ranging in size. The entrance doors range from 60cm – 71cm in width
  • There are high and low lockers for use, with hooks / hanger provided
  • Showers vary in size, the minimum width 52cm ranging up to 72cm wide
  • All floors are slip resistant
  • There are toilets in each of the ladies and gents changing rooms. In addition there is a disabled toilet facility situated by the Nirvana  Cafe and a disabled changing / toilet facility is situated by the Swim Jets near the Members’ Reception

Disabled Changing Room / Toilet

The disabled changing room / toilet is unisex and situated off the wet link corridor from the Spa Restaurant to Swim Jets, this has level access from the Members’ Reception and has a 90cm access door. This facility includes a toilet with seat height of 47cm with double height hand rails 55cm & 75cm on either side (the right side is removable). The shower room has a fold-up seat at 50cm and handles to assist at 67cm and 1 metre with the shower controls situated at 1metre high. An additional foldaway seat is situated opposite the toilet at 50cm with a shelf at 1 metre high on the right hand side, hooks at 1.4 metres and a mirror on the door at 92cm. The low level basin is 70cm high. In case of an emergency the room is equipped with an emergency pull cord to alert reception.

Disabled Toilet

Situated from the lounge at Members’ Reception is a disabled toilet facility. Access to this facility is on one level and is through an 80cm wide door. The toilet seat height is 43cm high with a hand rail at either side of 80cm; the wash hand basin is 80cm high with a mirror situated just above at 83cm high.

The Spa Restaurant and Nirvana Cafe

  • The Spa Restaurant and Servery area is largely open plan and is on one level. All tables and chairs are movable so can be adjusted to your requirements.  In the Nirvana Cafe the tables are 73cm high and the chairs 47cm.  In the Spa Restaurant the tables have a central support column and are 75cm high and the chairs 43cm. The Spa Restaurant offers table service from 7.00am – 10.00pm (last food orders at 9.30pm) weekdays and from 8.00am to 9.30 at weekends  (last food orders at 9.30pm) We are able to cater for vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and sugar free diets. Please see menu for further details
  • The Nirvana Cafe is situated next to Members’ Reception and is open daily from 7.00am – 5.30pm weekdays and 8.00am – 5.30pm at weekends and is available for soft drinks and cakes

Additional Information

  • All staff are fully trained in customer service, if you require assistance at any stage during your visit please ask a member of staff
  • The fire evacuation procedures allows for assisted customers with reduced mobility or hearing.  Staff members are fully trained to evacuate customers if the alarm sounds. If you have a special request if evacuation occurs please tell reception on arrival
  • Service dogs (only) are allowed in most parts of the spa. We request that dogs do not enter the water facilities throughout the spa


At no charge, you may bring a carer with you in order to facilitate your visit on an “access only” basis and where the carer makes no use of the facilities.   Please call 0118 989 7500 to pre-book your carer’s visit if required.

Contact Information

Nirvana Spa, Mole Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5DJ

Spa Reservations: 0118 989 7575

Membership Sales: 0118 989 7570

Other Enquiries: 0118 989 7560

Email: [email protected]


Local public transport numbers: First Buses: 0871 200 2233 (nearest stop Winnersh Crossroads 1 mile from the Spa)

National rail enquires: 08457 484950 (nearest stop Winnersh 1 mile from the Spa)

Local accessible taxi numbers:

Loddon Cars: 0118 932 1321 (pre booking required)

Twenty-four Seven: 0118 979 9247 (pre booking required)


We welcome your feedback. To help us continuously improve, if you have any comments please call 0118 989 7560 or email [email protected]