at Nirvana Spa

Let tensions melt away and indulge your senses in our beautiful, uplifting spa facilities. Surrounded by palm trees and Roman statues you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the Mediterranean. Unquestionably, our spacious facilities are world-class but the atmosphere is still blissfully informal and relaxed.

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So get ready to lose track of time and rediscover your inner glow…


Each of our five pure water pools has a distinct and special atmosphere. So whatever your mood, you’ll find the perfect pool to relax in (or by…). Immerse yourself in the warm Hydrotherapy Pool and let 51 water jets give your whole body an invigorating massage. Or perhaps swim a few leisurely laps in the calm and peaceful Nirvana Pool. You could sunbathe on a lounger next to the heated Spa Garden Pool or instead indulge in a delicious slice of cake by our bright, spectacular Roman Pool.

Stunning Surroundings

The incredible facilities at Nirvana will transport you far, far away from stresses and deadlines. Our iconic Colosseum Suite has a majestic domed ceiling full of stars that look down on the warm, therapeutic balneotherapy pool beneath. The warm stone loungers in the Tepidarium invite you to lie back, close your eyes and drift off; while the hot mini-spa pools in our stylish Spa Garden are the perfect spot to share a celebratory glass of fizz with a friend.

Thermal Suite

Get a glow of wellbeing in our saunas and steam rooms. Heat therapy is an incredible tonic for any tension in the mind and body. Thus you’ll emerge with deeply relaxed muscles, a brighter complexion and that wonderful tingle of feel-good endorphins

Indulgent Treatments

Let us massage, soothe and pamper you back to your best self in our serene and low-lit Crystal Treatment Suite. We carefully select the most effective and relaxing beauty and wellbeing treatments, so our treatments are designed to give you lasting benefits. Choose a stress-relieving massage, an anti-aging facial, a deluxe gel manicure or many other rejuvenating options.

Celestial Floatation

You’ll float peacefully under a magical starlit sky whilst your whole body is supported by the warm salt water. A dream-like and wonderfully freeing experience that helps to reduce stress and promote a good night’s sleep.

Take a virtual tour

Why wait until you get here? Instead, come and have a look around – our interactive map lets you explore the spa in full 360°. So click on an area and see where it takes you!

Nirvana Spa Interactive Map

Hover over the map and click to explore the Spa

Nirvana Spa Interactive Map
The Spa Garden Roman Pool Hydrotherapy Pool Celestial Floatation Pool The Thermal Suite Spa Restaurant The Tepidarium Nirvana Pool Crystal Treatment Suite Rasul Hydromassage Beds Nirvana Spa Shop Express Treatments Rooms Dead Sea Salt Therapy Pool The Colosseum Suite Workshop Studio Nirvana Garden

The Spa Garden

Our elegant and spacious Spa Garden is much loved all year round, even when the weather is being typically British.

Why not sink down into one of the balmy mini spa pools, take a dip in our heated pool, or simply lay back on a lounger in the sun?

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Roman Pool

Lounging by our Roman pool will make you feel like you’re on holiday.

It's the perfect place to relax or catch up with someone special while enjoying your favourite poolside drink.

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Hydrotherapy Pool

Sink into the warm waters of our hydrotherapy pool and allow the jets to soothe your aches and pains, and release tension.

With over 50 jets, you can enjoy a full body experience, perfectly tailored every time.

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Celestial Floatation Pool

Drift weightlessly beneath a starlit sky into a state of deep relaxation in our Celestial Floatation pool.

Experience calm like never before.

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The Thermal Suite

Reap the benefits of contrast therapy in our Thermal Suite, where relaxation meets rejuvenation.

Contrast therapy is the combined use of hot and cold treatments which may increase your energy levels and improve your circulation. Our salt inhalation steam room, dry heat sauna, ice rub, cold plunge, and monsoon showers offer a holistic experience designed to invigorate your body and soothe your mind.

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Spa Restaurant

Our Nirvana Restaurant boasts a relaxed ambience and delicious food.

Our experienced chefs use top quality, locally sourced produce to create innovative new dishes alongside your favourites. We prioritise good health and great flavours whilst catering for a wide range of tastes and appetites including plant-based and gluten-free.

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The Tepidarium

Experience complete tranquillity in our candlelit Tepidarium. Take time to lay back on the warm loungers and switch off.

With only the sound of the fountain and gentle lighting surrounding you, enjoy a much-needed escape.

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Nirvana Pool

Escape to the crystal-clear waters of Nirvana Pool.

Enjoy a leisurely swim, take a moment to read, or simply relax on our comfortable loungers.

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Crystal Treatment Suite

Step into our Crystal Treatment Suite and let the pampering begin. Our elegantly lit rooms provide the perfect setting for your indulgent treatment.

Follow the link to peruse our fabulous choice of facials and body treatments.

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Pamper yourself with a luxurious, mineral-rich Dead Sea Mud Rasul Treatment, perfect for enjoying with a partner.

This self-administered treatment is not only great fun, but it will also leave your skin and hair feeling soft and nourished.

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Hydromassage Beds

Our hydromassage beds offer a unique, customisable, no contact massage. Perfect to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension. You can set the pressure level to your preference and target your whole body or focus on specific areas.

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Nirvana Spa Shop

Whether you're treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift for either a friend or family member, head to the Nirvana Spa shop where you’ll find a wide range of products.

Open daily from 9am to 5pm.

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Express Treatments Rooms

Renew your skincare or makeup routine with one of our pampering Express Beauty Treatments. For a moment of indulgence and an opportunity to learn how to look after your skin, book an Express Beauty Treatment in our beauty shop.

Your booking fee of £35 is redeemable against products recommended by your therapist.

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Dead Sea Salt Therapy Pool

Float effortlessly, move freely

Supported by 160 tonnes of salt

Our Dead Sea Salt Therapy pool provides unrivalled opportunities for self directed, independent exercise and rehabilitation.

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The Colosseum Suite

Our impressive Colosseum Suite showcases exquisite architecture, offering you the perfect space to relax and unwind. Take time to relax on the sculpted seating in the warm pool and lay back on a lounger and gaze at the beautiful starlit sky.

Our Colosseum Bar serves a selection of drinks to enjoy poolside.

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Workshop Studio

Join our FREE skincare workshops where you can sample products from Germaine de Capuccini or Sea Magik. Our Skincare Specialists will share top tips, leaving you with a better understanding of your skin and a personalised skincare routine to try at home.

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Nirvana Garden

Enjoy a moment of calm in our bright Nirvana Garden. This little oasis, features two hot tubs and comfortable loungers in the sun, so whether you're looking to soak away your stress or simply enjoy the surroundings, our garden provides an ideal setting for relaxation.

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