Instantly relieve sore neck and shoulders

If you are spending hours hunched over a laptop on your kitchen table during lowdown, you’ll be familiar with that stiff feeling in the shoulders and neck.  This constant forward head posture increases the stress on the soft tissue and joints in the area.

The best approach to keeping pain free is regular movement. Ginny has put together a selection of great stretches which can be performed from your chair. Try a few of these stretches during the day for a little relief.

Shoulder roll

  • Sit tall
  • Slowly roll the shoulders forwards
  • Slowly roll the shoulders backwards

Lateral reach

  • Take arms up overhead
  • Keep shoulders relaxed
  • Slowly lean over to one side

Overhead reach

  • Take arms up overhead
  • Gently reach upwards

Chin to chest

  • Clasp hands behind the head
  • Tilt head forwards and down
  • Use the hands to add a little pressure to increase the stretch

Lateral stretch

  • Sit tall in chair
  • Hold the chair with one hand
  • Tilt head diagonally forward to the opposite side

Back stretch

  • Clasp hands in front of the body
  • Tilt head forwards
  • Lengthen arms out in front of chest

Seated rotation

  • Place both hands on the outside of one knee
  • Slowly turn torso and neck to the opposite side

Forward bend

  • Clasp hands behind back
  • Bring body forwards towards knees
  • Take the arms up towards the ceiling